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DesignLibero is all about perfecting the interaction between form and function where the user’s needs,lifestyle  and tastes are at the heart of it all.

Interior Design


Product Design


Temporary Design

Pop-up stores
Exhibition stands

Graphic Design

Corporate identity
Environmental branding
Wayfinding & signage

DesignLibero provides a broad spectrum of design solutions for every step of the design process – from conception to completion.
We offer creative services in interior, product, graphic and temporary design. Our mission is to design projects and products that exceed
your expectations for perfection…

A little Bit About Us

Our work pivots around four fundamental pillars: observation, innovation, functionality and environmental conscience. These principles have guided our work on international projects in the fields of: retail, office, hospitality, residential and product design.
We draw inspiration from a vast mix of trends, ranging from the most bizarre and advanced to more conventional and tangible. This sapient blend of stimuli comes together, enhanced by our professionalism, to leave our clients
amazed. Creating new emotions and exciting experiences is what we do.

What we do

Interior Design


Product Design


Temporary Design


Graphic Design


Creative process

 This diagram shows the way we develop projects, from research to delivery.

Here are some of the clients that we have had the pleasure to work with:

Our Team

We work in multidisciplinary teams that are tailored for different clients and projects in order to provide the best and most appropriate results.