Solar Powered  INFOPOINT

An innovative design concept of a Solar Powered Infopoint was developed  for Expo 2015 that will be held in Milan, Italy.

The idea of the project was to create self-supporting infopoint using latest technology but with minimal impact to the environment by the use of ecological materials and alternative energy.

Infopoint modular system consists of 2 modules. The first one is a main module with touch screens and the second one – a cross-shaped bench module. Both of modules have integrated solar panels. These solar panels invisibly provide alternative energy to power: touch screens, USB charging ports and LED lamps illumination after dark.

Touch screen monitors, placed on the main module, provide information about the city and help people to find out the best places to go. It also helps understand the local culture and history. Info point includes USB ports that allow users to plug in and recharge portable electronics devices. Laptops, tablets and cell phones can be easily recharged using solar energy. This Concept Info Point system has seats to take a break and thanks to its shape provides protection from the sun and the rain.

Designed for urban landscape this Concept Info Point has a good chance to become a place for meeting, connecting and relaxing for both locals and visitors.