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XXI Esposizione Internazionale della Triennale di Milano / design 3.0 hybrid production By Libero Rutilo/ Accademia di Brera

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Series of objects using a system of 3D printed joints and easily found elements or materials. Assembled with commonly used items such as wooden handles or plastic bottles to create a family of design products.

photo credits : Claudio Morelli 


find out more about design 3..0 hybrid production here


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design 3.0 by Libero Rutilo was selected for XXI Triennale

international exhibition /Accademia di Brera Milano  from 02/04/2016


hybrid production  3.0

hybrid production 3.0

Design 3.0/experiments new forms of hybrid production:

designers become the makers, the producers of their ideas, bypassing traditional production and distribution systems

Products are conceived, assembled and distruibuted by the designers themselves, who experiment and find a new dimension between craftsmanship and industrial production, a contemporary dimension in coherence with the historical and economical era we are into.

The process consists in a series of self-produced objects built with a system of 3D printed joints and some easily found elements made out of wood or plastic. Every object can be easily assembled and disassembled for easier shipping and end of the cycle recycling.

xx1 design 3.0

xx1 design 3.0

production work in progress

low table

low table

low table

low table

low table

low table

v2 icosa

icosa lamp


icosa family


icosa table version

3d printed vases .

3d printed vases .

more info about 3d printed vases here 

The vases are available on Make it LEO website and Tessa’s Curated Boutique.