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DesignLibero is multidisciplinary design studio based in Milan. It was founded in 2013 by Libero Rutilo and Ekaterina Shchetina, an international and young design couple linked by common passions for art, technology, materials, industry and communication.  According to DesignLibero, every new project is a blend of intuition, sensations, memories, strategy, needs and functionality. Ekaterina and Libero love to discover new opportunities and improve the world in unexpected ways. DesignLibero is an eco-conscious studio, as we are aware of the challenges our planet is facing and we respect them by adopting a sustainable approach. We embrace inclusive and empathic practices, we understand people of all backgrounds, and perceive the variety of contexts and needs. We project solutions that wish to contribute to human wellbeing.

We really appreciate our work for continuously offering new opportunities and emotions. What we appreciate most in this profession is to answer to ever changing projects, client’s needs, budgets and values, integrating a variety of materials and techniques.  For us, design is totally supple and forever changing. We cannot say how our work will evolve in the future, except that we will keep making things with meaning, intelligence and passion.

We are cultural nomads, (Canadian, Russian and Italian) and we love world diversity of cultures, which we analyze with respect and curiosity, in order to sort astonishing details and mix them in a new emulsion of emotions. This savvy blend of stimuli is enhanced by our experience and analysis in order to create new sensations and inclusive and holistic experiences.

In the last two years we have been selected twice for Design Index and Compasso d’Oro; we have received a ‘Platinum A’ design award and more than 100.000 pieces of our “Leaf”, an innovative product for pets, have been sold.


2019 - Scirocco Warm contest
1st Prize  "Offset"

2019 - Cement Design Contest
1st Prize  "Stitched"

2018 - selected ADi design index 
" Fabric-Action kinesis swing"

2017 - A’design award. Platinum 
“Silhouette collection”

2017 - Progetto G. B. Grattoni
“Leggi con me”

2017 - Young & design.
Sponsor prize. “Animaze”

2017 - selected ADi design index 

2017 - Sprech Agorà Design Contest.
1st Prize “Infinity”

2016 - Next design innovation 
“IO lamp”

2016 - Young Factory Design. 
1st Prize “Ricordi del sud”

2016 - Indoor / Outdoor Modula. 
1st Prize. “Stitch”

2015 - PORADA international design award.
2nd Prize “Tronko”

2015 - Significant Furniture by Morelato

2014 - PORADA international design award.
1st Prize. “Double loop“

2014 - PORADA international design award.
3rd Prize “Zen“

2014 - You are how you eat design contest. Adobe, Alessi, Shapeways
3rd place.

2013 - Cristalplant Design Contest with Falper.
Honorable mention. “Aurora”


2017 - ADI design index. 
Museo Scienza e Tecnologia /Milano

2017 -3D - Imprimir el Mundo. 
Fundación Telefonica /Madrid Material Immaterial.

2017 - Fabric-action
Università degli Studi di Milano. Milano

2017 - Design Nomade.
Fuorisalone / Base Milano

2016 - XXI Triennale di Milano.
21st Century. Design After Design.

2016 - Maker Faire.
Fiera di Roma / Italy

2016 - Italia Digitale.
UniCredit Pavilion / Milan, Italy

2016 - HOMI. Design Competition Creatività 3. 
Rho Fiera / Milan, Italy

2016 - Next Design Innovation.
Zona Santambrogio Design District / Milan, Italy

2016 -100 + 10 PROGETTI.
Palazzo Taidelli / Sanguinetto, Italy

2011 - Recession Design. My Place.
Fabbrica del Vapore / Milan, Italy

2010 - Recession Design. FAI-DA-TE.
Fabbrica del Vapore / Milan, Italy

We worked with : 

Morelato ebanisteria italiana,  Hands on Design,  Thelos, Porada,  United Pets,  Fornace de Martino,  Leolane,  RISO Porcelain,  Nakagawa Shuji,  Ampelio Gorla Arredamenti,  Falegnameria Curioni,  Principleglobal,  Comune di Milano,  Nespresso,  Barwa Bank,  Bnl,  Forte Bank,  Tim,  Cnhi,  Fpt,  Case Ih,  Underline,  Celly,  Esprinet, Nilox,  Intesa Sanpaolo,  AC Lesmo,  Estel group,  Telecom Italia,  Luppichini Lighting&Design , Dulver® ,  IED istituto europeo di design,  Hiro design,  atelier Franceschinis