"3d printed vases"

Client : self production
year : 2016
Platinum A’ Design Award 2017
photo credits : Cladio Morelli

Libero Rutilo  creates a collection of design vases combining upcycling and 3D printing technology.
The project gives a second chance to such an unvalued object as a PET bottle, which would be normally thrown away after it has been used.
The idea was to create a vase conserving only its silhouette. The vase itself represents an external shell with an inner neck fillet, so it can be screwed onto a bottle like a cap. The 3D printed structure dresses the bottle and makes it disappear under its mesh.
The vases were designed for 0,5 l PET water and soft drinks bottles and fit PCO bottle neck openings – which are very commonly used and can be easily found.
The collection includes four different designs: the first one, called “Spider vase”, is the most organic piece with its biomorphic pattern. The second is a “Sinuous Vase” whose fluid curves form a wavy pattern. The “Lace Vase” has a “classical” look reminding an amphora covered with a crochet-inspired pattern. The 3D pattern of “Knitted Vase” speaks from itself emphasizing extraordinarily fine details.
Of course, you will not clean the planet by recycling just one bottle, but if you have a chance to reuse one and turn it into a design object, it can be a first step towards environmentally friendly lifestyle.



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