"backlighted bathroom furniture"

client : falper
award : honor cristalplant design contest
year : 2013

The Northern Lights have attracted the night sky watchers for ages. “Aurora” – the collection of backlighted bathroom furniture, is inspired by nature and mimics this natural phenomenon.

The collection consists of 3 elements: bathroom, shower and washbasin. All the elements of the collection are unique and aesthetically beautiful. The uniqueness and beauty of “Aurora” collection is embodied through smooth, organic shapes and exquisite lighting.

Each element of the “Aurora” collection has integrated LED lights which are cost efficient and friendly to the planet. The lighting diffusion effect is created by translucent material that allows light to pass through it, but in the same time doesn’t show clearly the light source inside the object. The intensity and colour of light can be controlled, creating a chromo therapy.

The washbasin has another particularity – an integrated pot, that allow you to have your favourite small plants in your bathroom.

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