client : self production
year : 2014

The inspiration of this multifunctional object comes from the Mother Nature. “Nido” is an interpretation of the “bird nest”. This microarchitecture designed to give an escape from the stressful life by bringing nature indoors.

The “Nido” is environmentally friendly, because of natural and recyclable materials such: wood, textile and terracotta. Moreover there are integrated LED spotlight. Integrated pots and self-watering hydroponic system allow you to have a piece of nature in the space. You can create a blend of your favorite flowers and plants. Thanks to the structure of the “Nido”, some ascending plants as ivy can climb and transform the object with the passage of time.

The “Nido” is a multifunctional and reconfigurable object. It can give you individual privacy when you are in the mood to relax and hide away. In the same time, it can also allow you and your family or friends spend time together. Depending on the occasion, it can be transformed in: sofa, chaiselongue, bed or even playground.

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