"Dog slow feeder"

client : United Pets
year : 2019
design : Libero Rutilo, Ekaterina Shchetina

K2 slow-feeder – designed by Designlibero for UnitedPets is a transformable, playful and evocative object  which has been conceived to be shared with our four-legged friends.
The idea of the project came up, during our vacation in the Alps. Sitting on the slopes of the mountain chain and looking at its silhouette formed by the alternation of mountain peaks and lower valleys, we wanted to transfer the splendid emotion and this breathtaking panorama into our urban houses. As a result, we designed K2 – a multi- functional object that encloses fabulous mountain landscapes. Observing different dogs we noticed that many of them are greedy and often eat too fast.  How many times did you find your dog’s bowl empty one minute after you filled it? In fact, this common dog behavior often causes stomach bloating and abdominal pain due to the increased intestinal gas production.  The K2 is a pleasant way to slow down your dog’s eating habit , avoiding flatulence and at the same time improving digestion. The silicon top that acts as a slow-feeder can be easily removed, uncovering the lower part which is made of polypropylene and can be used as a traditional bowl.
K2 is washable in the dishwasher and has a non-slip ring on the bottom.
K2 has been designed in 2 different sizes and  4 chromatic versions which represent four different seasons,  their typical landscapes and colors.

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