"biomorphic design "

client : Alessi, Shapeways
year : 2016
award : honorable mention
"you are what you eat design contest"

This new food design accessories set was thought as a new way of rediscovering the sensations and interaction with food.

Here in the Western World, we have become used to eat in a proper way, using utensils such as fork, spoon and knife. In some other parts of the world, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East, eating with hands is quite common. In Ancient Rome eating with hands was also a tradition.

“Silica” gives you a pleasure and emotions to eat with your hands and in the same time keeps your fingers clean. Biomorphic design of “Silica” collection takes inspiration from the nature. The shape of every element of the set imitates living organisms.

The spoon takes its shape from a membrane of some creatures and a leaf. Sticks represent a bird beak, while tweezers mimic lobster pincers.

client : , Alessi, Shapeways year : 2016 award : second price

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