“warm technology’

client : Telecom Italia.
year : 2012
photo credits : endstart photo & Daniela Di Rosa

The innovative retail design concept called “warm technology’” was created and realized for Telecom Italia.

The project purpose was to create warm and highly understandable environmentthrough the brand colors, forms and materials. Soft lines of wall system and store environment reinterpret the wavy shapes of the brand.

Libero Rutilo, the design director of the project, tells about the idea of design concept for Tim: “The main material used in this project is wood, the material that belongs to the ancestral memory of the man andresults to be an innovative contradiction itself.The mantle which surrounds is like a made to measures dress: the project was developed with a focus on practical aspects and functionality of retail.On the one hand we guaranteed that store equipment could have enough storage space, and on the other hand, that it could be placed in the most comfortable way,from aesthetic and functional points of view.We ensured that brand communication could be highly visible. Lighting is an essential aspect of this design project. The way it is projected gives a feeling of being under an enormous sequoia carved trunk, while small spotlights remind you of tiny shining stars creating a unique and cozy atmosphere.

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