"space implementation"

client : ADCB BANK
year : 2015

Concept proposal for redesigning ADCB interior space and implementation of all of their branches in UAE. This new version of the bank branch is more friendly, it answers personal needs and offers tailored services. In fact, each customer has a unique personality and a branch needs to be a dynamic, user-friendly environement, rather then just an office space. The Branch is structured by contents layers and privacy levels:

1st layer – low privacy level – self-area & 24/h ATM – where Members use their tablets and digital banking applications.

2nd layer – medium privacy level – reception, tellers area and lounge environment for working, meeting clients or socializing.

3rd layer – high privacy level – consultancy area for private banking services and financial advice This system allows costumers to choose the level of privacy and related services that best fits their needs.

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