“The treasure chest bank"

client : barwabank
year : 2012
photo Jaber Al Azmeh

The most progressive Islamic bank design project represents a harmonious mix of innovative technologies and traditions of the country. The concept of Barwa Bank is innovative from every point of view. It offers a new service standard and a unique design developed specifically for this project.

The project design director, Libero Rutilo talks about the creative process:“The original inspiration came from both the landscape of Qatar and its nature: the dunes inspired the smooth shapes mixed with clear cut geometrical lines, the flowers of the desert with their delicate colours were a source of inspiration for being a symbol of energy and growth, the mother of pearl and the finely carved architectural walls became the main components to translate the precious approach we wanted Barwa Bank to deliver,”

“The bank would just be like a treasure chest: the center of the branch hosts the precious blossom flower of the desert around which lies the orbit as petals, a series of work stations where the main bank activities shelter the growth of the country. The mother pearl luminescence dresses the whole space to capture the Qatari colors, while the inlays with Islamic arabesque run along the perimeter walls.”

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